Saturday saw the kickoff of the Daytona Classic 24 event.  Rather than have all the cars on the track at the same time, the race was made up of a series of class-based events.  I think that was to reduce the wear and tear on the old hardware, and maybe to reduce the odds of an accident.  So each class rotated through the event two or three times over the course of the 24 hours.  This process also made it much better for those of us trying to take photos, since it meant that the majority of the cars were in the paddock at any given moment.

Highlights of this paddock walk include an interesting Lamborghini Huracan GTO, more detail of some Lola T-70s, the Rothman Porsche 962, and plenty of other general shots of the paddock and cars.  

Saturday (Night) will follow shortly, along with a gallery specific to on-track photos.

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